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Creating and repairing custom jewelry for the last 85 years.

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Exquisite Jewelry

Custom Designed Jewelry

Because our fine jewelry is hand made in our high tech workshop by expert designers, jewelers and stone setters, we are able to create and make any design desired by our customers. From a simple re-do of an existing piece to a completely new design using the customers stones and precious metal, to making a new piece from a simple sketch, we do it all.


  • Provide us with a drawing, photo, sketch, written description, etc. of the piece you would like made.
  • You can text, email or mail us.
  • We will go over the design, make comments as needed, and send you a drawing of the proposed finished piece along with a cost estimate and time frame.
  • After you make desired changes and the design is firm, we will carve a wax model of the piece, photograph and text it or email it to you for your final approval.
  • When we receive your approval, the model will go into the workshop to be made.
  • Upon completion of the piece we will send you a photograph of the finished piece and ship it to you Blue Label UPS.

30% after approval of final drawing
40% after approval of wax model
30% prior to shipping